The Penthouse

Love hip-hop & R&B music? Love that sexual afrobeat and Caribbean dancehall? Welcome to the place to be. The Penthouse every weekend.

About us

The club/home of RnB, Hip Hop and Afrobeat genre in the city of Athens, in Greece.

The Penthouse has been the spot for hip hop lovers downtown, in Keramikos, Athens the past five years. Providing events every weekend since 2015, the  Penthouse has proven to be loved and reviewed by many as a heart warmed felt club. Combination of a cozy atmosphere, music going back and front, the old and the new.

First founded over, a rooftop Penthouse has been thrilling, providing a low key situation for anyone that wants to listen to their oldies. The manager and staff will for sure make you feel at home and never let you feel unsatisfied. Respect and kindness are the main characteristics of Penthouse staff.

Let’s not forget about the music theme.

Hip hop, RnB, Afrobeat, Caribbean, Grime, and all the black-oriented genre can be found in the Penthouse.

The deejays cover all aspects of the music industry and are keen on satisfying even the toughest lovers of black music culture.

This season located in our newly established spot, the Penthouse is a huge garden place open as from early in the day with chill hop vibes till early the next morning playing the hottest songs.


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